B787-8i Edit

Boeing 787-8i was one of the lasted 7x7 family. This aircraft was the most high tech of all the entire fleet. Because this aircraft held the flaps , Gears , ignition animations.

RobloxScreenShot20181231 002022061

B787 is ready to safe the day!

Livery Edit

The livery is also simple. Maroon tail and engine but a little white stripe on the tail.

Nick name Edit

This aircraft was nicknamed "Paul" Who is him? He's an animatronic fixer


Paul while wearing a fox suit

Route Edit

This aircraft only operate at Aurone international

Trivial Edit

  • This aircraft was given by an airline called "Mint air" owned by Xxaviation1xX
  • Before the plane was made into ML fleet. The plane wasn't animated.
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