B747-8i Edit

Ah! The 747 8i.. The legend on Memeland Airline fleets. Never ever before heard an airline that will never retire their 747. And this is the one that we have so far.

RobloxScreenShot20181221 182801681

Boeing 747-8i

Livery Edit

So far.. The B747 8i is the weirdest. The whole aircraft was painted in red and the tail was painted in brown. Some part of the plane were a bit brighter color.

Nick name Edit

Since the livery is like that the plane was nicknamed with one and only "Foxy".

Route Edit

This aircraft only operate at Aurone International

Trivial Edit

  • The older 747 were cargo
  • This aircraft only have gears animations
  • This 747 was the modified Yrebb's 747
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