Airbus A330-300 Edit

This is the first ever aircraft on ML fleet to ever animated. Also this is the first ever mesh plane to ever entered the ML fleet.

RobloxScreenShot20181205 220920660

A330 [While still in the work shop]

Livery Edit

The A330-300 was painted in the pinkish color along with the eye brows next to the cockpit window.


A330 tail color

Nick name Edit

The plane was nicknamed "Whitney" Which based on a fnaf OC character made by Alex World

Safe MEH

"Titanic trouble by Alex world picture edited by Nick ML"

Flight route : Edit

This aircraft only flew in Aurone and Fazhill

Trivial Edit

  • This aircraft was made out of mesh
  • This aircraft is FM but the GUI is difference
  • This aircraft replaced the already existing Ilyushin 96
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