A321 Edit

This is the first ever hand made Airbus plane. To be hornest.. This A321 does not looking good at all It isn't that bad but this is the worst aircraft that I ever made.

RobloxScreenShot20181226 234642339


Livery Edit

The livery of this aircraft is simple. It's purple on the tail and on the engine.

Nick name Edit

Nick name was inspired by a fnaf character named "Bonnie"

Which we already knew it.

Route : Edit

This aircraft can be serve in both Fazhill and Aurone

Trivial Edit

  • A321 was the first one to receive a flap treatment after the failure of A330 flaps.
  • This A320 does not really detailed
  • A321 Gear clipped trough the cabin ground
  • A321's doors does not have a frame and only the F1 and R1 can be open
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